The 24 Karat Gold Sink

I was taught to do visualization exercises when I was around 12 years old, and I’ve been doing them ever since. I’d like to share the visualization I do in my car while parked in front of my office each morning.

If you’d like to attract new patients into your office, feel free to implement this exercise into your daily routine…

I close my eyes and I see a white door with a gold knob. I open the door and walk into a small, white room. It is perfectly white. The floor, the walls and the ceiling are spotless. The only thing in this room is a sink. It is a pedestal sink, sort of antique style, and it is made out of 24 karat gold. This golden sink has a gold faucet and gold handles as well.

For me, this is my New Patient Sink. When I’m focusing on growing my practice, I go into my New Patient Room and turn the handles on my New Patient Sink. I can see the new patients come pouring out of the faucet. I zoom in on them all… men, women, children, old, young, fat, thin, even pregnant. Whatever type of patients I want to fill my practice with comes through that faucet at will.

If you have studied the law of attraction at all, you would know that creating certainty around the things you want is the first step. I have 100% positive expectation that when I walk up to any sink in my house and turn the handle, water will instantly come out. Such is the case for my golden new patient sink. I have total certainty that my visualization actually manifests my desires.

Since starting with this visualization exercise, I have now added other rooms and other golden sinks: money, love, health, and happiness to name a few.

Start getting clear on what you want, develop a knowing around its attainment and create a mechanism for your mind to attract it. It works for me.