Sticky Charisma


I was at a family wedding last night – a beautiful affair – and during the best man’s speech, I heard two words strung together in a way I had never heard. As the groom’s brother was eloquently sharing his feelings about the man of the hour, he described him as having STICKY CHARISMA.

Instantly, I had a reaction to what he had said…STICKY CHARISMA…wow. What a unique way of capturing a person’s character. So, it got me thinking about what the best man was saying about his brother. I had never previously met the groom, but my image of him from those two words was that he is a connecter of ideas to people. He has the ability to influence those around him, not only to persuade them to see things in the same manner as he, but simply to open their minds toward other perspectives.

“Stickiness” is a marketing term that references a message’s ability to grab you and hold on for long periods of time. Certain logos, jingles, and taglines have shown stickiness for decades – long after the original advertising had faded away. But, when describing a person, stickiness takes on a whole new meaning. To me, a “sticky” person gets into your heart and mind. They create an indelible impact on you in one way or another. They are consistent, engaging, intriguing, insightful, and unique. They walk into a room alone, and in short time, have a crowd around them, hanging on their every word.

The Wikipedia definition of charisma is, “Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” So, if you link the traits of stickiness with someone who is charismatic, you get someone who is a born leader. You can envision this person as a connecter, an influence key.

Do you consider yourself to be charismatic? Are you able to “inspire devotion in others?” Using your charisma clearly paves the road to success in all aspects of life: business, relationships, family dynamics, citizenship – the list goes on.

What I have learned since last night is that I have a new cousin, Daniel, who has STICKY CHARISMA. Here’s the question…DO YOU HAVE IT?