Get to know our tribe!


Dr. Melanie Beingessner
Alberta, Canada
(403) 945-2422

Dr. Beingessner practices at Blessingways Family Wellness in Canada. Her practice specializes in pregnancy care and family wellness.

Dr. Amanda Bledsoe
Conway, AR
(501) 513-3322

Dr. Bledsoe handles all the marketing for Hurley Chiropractic. Her efforts have lead to on average 100 new patients each month!

Dr. Donna Boylan
Bethel, CT
(203) 743-2225

Dr. Boylan and her staff have an amazing practice in Connecticut and even won a Humanitarian Award for outstanding leadership, excellence and dedication to the Chiropractic profession.

Dr. Stephanie Cluver
Clinton, IL
(217) 935-6555

Dr. Cluver practices in Clinton, Illinois and has a well established relationship with the Clinton community.

Dr. Jeff Culbert
Hackettstown, NJ
(908) 850-8751

Dr. Culbert is settling back into "regular" practice life after traveling across the country as the on staff chiropractor for a musician.

Drs. Terry & Dawn Daniels
Warsaw, NY
(585) 786-5830

Dr. Terry and Dr. Dawn Daniels specialize in family care which is fitting since they are a husband and wife chiropractic team in New York.

Dr.Curtis Dunlop
Platte, NE
(308) 532-0780

Dr. Dunlop has been practicing in Nebraska for over 20 years. He has also been an active member of the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association for the past six years.

Cheryl and Megan Epps
Dover, DE
(302) 736-0330

Although Cheryl and Megan are not chiropractors their coaching with ChiroDestiny has helped them to grow their practice, and Megan has since decided to attend Chiropractic College. 

Dr. Steven Ess
Rochester, NY
(585) 233-9861

Dr. Steven Ess practices in Rochester, New York and has dedicated many many years of his life to studying as many chiropractic techniques as possible.

Dr. George Gertner
White Plains, NY
(914) 686-6200

Dr. Gertner specializes in NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). NUCCA is a painless spinal correction procedure that takes pressure off the nervous system and gently restores the skull, spine, and pelvis back to its proper position.

Dr. Jennifer Heller
Brunswick, GA
(912) 264-2244

Dr. Heller just relocated from St. Louis to Georgia where she plans to help the Brunswick community stay well without the use of drugs or medicine.

Dr. Jared Hoffman
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 222-9700

Dr. Hoffman has been practicing in Brooklyn, NY for over 15 years. His focus on the basic principles of chiropractic have helped him to build a great relationship with the Williamsburg community.

Dr. Christine Hurley
Conway, AR
(501) 513-3322

Dr. Hurley is the epitome of a success story. Despite multiple obstacles she has one of the largest chiropractic practices in the U.S. Her 10,000 square foot office is in Arkansas. 

Dr. Lance Jaskon
Pearland, TX
(281) 485-5051

Dr. Jackson's practice in Pearland Texas focuses on family wellness. Dr. Jackson is constantly learning new techniques so that he can properly serve any patients that come his way. 

Dr. Kiran Kaul
Roseburg, OR
(541) 672-8831

Dr. Kaul encourages each of his patients to DREAM. Diet. Rest. 
Exercise. Adjustments. Mental Attitude. He helps each of patients achieve their health goals with this unique approach. 

Dr. Kim Kidner
Pontiac, IL
(815) 844-4631

In college, Dr. Kidner developed a condition called “bells palsy”. After undergoing a many unsuccessful treatments, she was told that “it might get better on its own or it might not”. Then she tried chiropractic, and got results almost immediately. And has been spreading the message of chiropractic ever since.

Dr. Shawn Kromrey
Cadott, WI
(715) 289-5000

Dr. Kromrey found his way to chiropractic after a snowmobiling accident left him in extreme pain. He decided then and there, at age, 14 that he wanted to help others heal through chiropractic. He has been serving the Caddot community in Wisconsin for over 25 years.

Dr. Seth Labott
Mill Valley, CA
(415) 389-1098

Dr. Labott practices in Mill Valley California with a focus on spinal decompression in addition to traditional chiropractic techniques. After watching both of his parents struggle through illness he wanted to find an alternative form of helping other stay well which is how he discovered chiropractic.

Dr. Kris Larson
Wasilla, AK
(907) 376-2225

Dr. Kris practices in Alaska and volunteers countless hours at area high school sporting events attending to the student athletes. His favorite part of being a chiropractor is changing people's lives.

Dr. Mary Lee
Conway, AR
(501) 513-3322

Dr. Lee owned an operated her own practice for 14 years before partnering with Hurley Chiropractic in 2010. She now manages the team of chiropractors for their office (which is one of the largest in the U.S.)

Dr. David Lemons
Oxnard, CA
(805) 485-5880

Dr. Lemons practices in Oxnard, California. Dr. Lemons takes a whole person approach when it comes to chiropractic and it works because he has a great relationship with the Oxnard community.

Dr. Carol Ann Malizia
Newburgh, NY
(845) 323-1553

Dr. Carol Ann Malizia has recently made a shift from the traditional chiropractic practice and travels across the U.S. speaking about the benefits of nutrition. She also works directly with chiropractors to help them integrate a nutrition plan into their practices.

Dr. Robert Masrour
Huntington Park, CA
(323) 584-8285

Dr. Masrour works with Doctors on Liens™ and has passed their rigorous 5-step screening process and is a member in good standing of their provider network. Dr. Robert Masrour works specifically on personal injury and workers compensation cases. 

Dr. Tina McKay
Newnan, GA
(770) 252-3661

Dr. McKay practices in Coweta County Georgia. Her office offers a range of services and products in addition to chiropractic since Dr. McKay is committed to a complete wellness plan for her patients.

Dr. Adam Middleton
Titusville, PA
(814) 827-9970

Dr. Middleton practices in Titusville, PA. He hosts a live radio show every Tuesday morning called The Morning Drill to educate his community on the important of health and wellness. 

Dr. Susan Mitchell
Bloomington, IL
(309) 828-6200

Dr. Mitchell’s personal experience as a mother of two, has inspired her to complete further post-doctoral training specializing in the care of families (women and men of all ages,children, teenagers, pregnant women, infants). 

Drs. Doug and Sara Ness
Bismarck, ND
(701) 255-4241

This husband and wife team practice in Bismark, North Dakota. They work with families in their area to keep them active so they can enjoy the beautiful area.

Dr. Rachel Northern
Johnsburg, IL
(815) 344-0113

Dr. Rachel Northern specializes in nutrition therapy, and utilizes whole food supplements to provide nutritional supplementation for many of her patients.

Dr. Kristine Olsen
Great Barrington, MA
(413) 644-6402

Dr. Kristine Olsen practices in Massachusetts and specializes in pediatric care.

Dr. Lori Portnoy
Chicago, IL
(773) 248-2323

Dr. Portnoy practices in Chicago Illinois and has been serving her community for over 30 years.

Dr. Andrew Rawlings
Irvine, CA
(949) 551-8575

Dr. Rawlings practices in Irvine California for over 25 years. He focus on serving the families in his community.

Dr. Andrew Smith
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
(561) 625-1993

Dr. Smith loves working with children in addition to lecturing to many schools and businesses in the West Palm Beach area.

Drs. Erik and Patricia Sorbo
Greenley, CO
(970) 356-5255

Erik and Patricia Sorbo specialize in pediatrics and improving sports performance for their patients. 

Dr. Darren Strong
Neenah, WI
(920) 725-0800

Born and raised in a family of chiropractors in Neenah, WI, Dr. Darren is no stranger to the art and philosophy of chiropractic. He is now the 10th D.C. to join the family and is proud to serve the Fox Valley community.

Dr. Vincent Taffuri
Fair Lawn, NJ
(201) 773-0909

Dr. Vincent Taffuri has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician for over 34 years and is excited to be part of the Nutrimost Family of Chiropractors helping to change the health and lives of people every day!

Dr. Scott Taulman
Colombus, IN
(812) 342-9851

Dr. Taulman been trained in extremity adjusting. He also trains as a Crossfit athlete and loves to give educational seminars on all areas of health and wellness. 

Dr. Brian Wallace
Bernardsville, NJ
(908) 221-0808

Dr. Wallace brings his life long experience of staying healthy and peak performance to the Bernardsville community. He is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association which specializes in the care of young children ranging from newborns to high school.

Dr. Jeffrey Wallace
Westminster, MD
(410) 876-8881

Dr. Wallace has helped thousands of people at Carroll Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center since for over 15 years. He is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellness with chiropractic, diet, exercise, and a positive mental attitude.

Dr. Sabrina Williams
Beebe, AR
(501) 882-7565

Dr. Williams' practice is a family oriented practice that offers both relief and wellness care. They coach their patients to their fullest potential and help entire families to meet their health goals.

Drs. Bryan and Stacy Wills
Rochelle, IL
(815) 562-5833

This husband and wife team will do everything possible to help their patients in the Rochelle area reach better health. 

Dr. Michelle Wozniak
Denver, CO
(303) 841-7121

Dr. Wozniak just opened her practice in Denver Colorado where she plans to help as many patients as possible stay healthy without the use of drugs or medicine.