Chiropractic Coaching

The secret of ChiroDestiny lies in our coaching. Our 30 minute, live Face 2 Face video calls with our expert coaches have led the profession for years. With your undivided attention and ours, we can get to the heart of the matter efficiently and effectively.

Over 80% of our members break one of their all time records within the first year of membership. 

No one offers specific coaching on a combination of:


Personal Growth

Goal Setting

Values Hierarchy

Challenging Limiting Beliefs

Customized Affirmations

Weekly Mindsweep

Communication Extraordinaire

Confrontational Tolerance

Prosperity Consciousness

Overcoming Fears

Mastering Your Finances



Vision/Mission/Purpose Statements

Discovering Your True Chiropractic Philosophy

Understanding Different Types of Practices

Deciding Which Practice Style is Right for You

Enrolling Your Team in Your Practice Vision

Educating Your Patients to Your Practice Philosophy

Applying the 4 Principles of Chiropractic




CA Training

Patient Education

Patient Retention

Perfect Day 1

Perfect Day 2

Creating a Committed Team

Compliant Care Plans

Comprehensive Systems for EVERY Aspect of Practice

Case Management

Associate Training Program

Handling Objections


New Patient Acquisition

Identifying Your Ideal Patient

Internal Marketing

External Marketing

Social Media

Patient Appreciation Dinners

Email Marketing

Marketing Calendar

Public Speaking

Effective Closing

Every week or every other week, receive one-on-one live and focused 30 minute webcam coaching sessions with experienced, professional chiropractic coaches. These sessions are designed to help you raise your standards and achieve your individual goals.